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Review: The Dog Years #6

The Dog Years #6

In romantic comedies, there’s always those montages where we see the two sides of a date. One of the classic montages was in a movie not considered a romantic comedy, but a perfect example which was Jungle Fever, where a room of black women talks about the reality of relationships in the African American community and why so many look outside of the community for companionship.

Our friends tend to be the first place we look for advice which is not biased. Our friends and sometimes our family is where we look for counsel. In the sixth issue of The Dog Years, Trey and Jalissa tell their friends their business.

We catch up with Trey son after his encounter with Jalissa,  as he sulks in his guilt about their breakup, even though for a moment, it felt hopeful for a reconciliation, which his friends look to take him out of his funk, by taking him to the local strip club, the Donkey Club. We also find Jalissa, trying to move on again, going out on a date with someone who feigned interest for her before but because she was with Trey, she ignored until now. As the reader is treated to a tour what really goes on in a strip club and the personalities you will see there. By the issue’s end, the club catches fire and Trey finds a surprise in his bed the next morning.

Overall, a funny issue about the trouble your friends get you in. The story by Andre Roberts is hilarious. The art by Roberts is astounding. Altogether, The Dog Years #6 is like the best episode of any sitcom.

Story: Andre Roberts Art: Andre Roberts
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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