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Review: The Dog Years #5

The Dog Years #5

”Relationships are complicated” is an often overused sentiment that is both true and pessimistic. I find it’s a way to mask what is really going on in relationships. This is the hard work that occurs, where you actually have to work at making it livable. Sometimes, couples even go to see therapists or their religious minister as an independent ear.

It’s the opposition to such forums for arbitration that leaves couple either ending it or in messes. Then there are the couples in transition between those two extremes. Those are the ones that can go either way. In the fifth issue of The Dog Years, Trey and Jalissa finally have that talk.

We catch up with Trey, as he wakes in a jail cell, thinking back to where he went wrong with Jalissa. As he gets his one phone call, he calls the one person he never imagined, and she answers to his surprise. Jalissa ends up bailing out Trey, and on the drive back, they finally have the talk they should have had before their friends got into their heads. By issue’s end, Trey and Jalissa eventually reconcile, through tears and fighting, starting again in a better place.

Overall, a relevant issue about exes and how they know us so well. The story by Andre Roberts is highly amusing. The art by Roberts is dazzling. Altogether, an issue that plays on the book’s strengths.

Story: Andre Roberts Art: Andre Roberts
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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