Review: Canopus #1

Canopus #1

When it comes to movie directors, there is no one who has such a diverse scope as Christopher Nolan. His movies have shown a generation of creatives just how far you can push your imagination. Take for instance The Prestige which could have been a standard tale about dueling magicians. Under Nolan’s gifted guise, it became a suspense thriller. Then there’s his true to life story of Dunkirk, which harkened to the movie styling of Stephen Spielberg, where he put the audience right into the action.

One of his best stories is Memento. It’s an early outing for the auteur which showed how he could weave such a complex tale into the noir genre. Then there is Interstellar, sometimes confusing but ultimately a splendid explanation of quantum physics and mother-father relationships. I often wondered how it would be if combined elements of these films into one grand tale? In Dave Chisholm’s Canopus, we meet a hero like in Interstellar but with elements of Memento to make a mystery worthy of unraveling.

We meet Dr. Helen Sterling, an astronaut, who has just awoken from a slumber, to find herself out in space on top of a planet orbiting Canopus, as her friendly AI, Arther. As she struggles to understand what happened, she doesn’t know what is real, how she got so many light years away from Earth and most importantly, how she got here in the first place? As she looks for clues, she finds a landfill on the planet filled with children’s toys, where she finds a toy tied to a childhood memory, which makes even more suspicious of her circumstances. By the issue’s end, Helen uncovers even more mysteries.

Overall, an engaging and rapturous debut issue which gives readers a new heroine and mystery to dive into. The story by Chisholm is well developed and euphoric. The art by Chisholm is superb. Altogether, a story that will have readers re-read it several times to catch all the clues they missed the first time.

Story: Dave Chisholm Art: Dave Chisholm
Story: 9.2 Art: 9.2 Overall: 9.2 Recommendation: Buy

Scout Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review