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Review: Rise #3

Rise #3 cover

JRR Tolkien is a master storyteller whose love for myths and the English language showed in his work. The people who have read Lord of the Rings can attest to its fascination and brilliance. What is most fascinating is not the fantastical world-building but his character development. We get invested in his characters within a few pages, wanting them to win at all costs.

The ring itself is a character that has its own history and its own powers. Then there is this unlikely band of friends, who come together to get rid of the ring, on a treacherous and almost deadly journey. We see within one of their first times they run into trouble they lost one of their own, temporarily, how they kept on task despite the possible tragedy. In the third issue of Rise, our band of heroes, learn to move forward despite losing one of their own.

We find Haydan, who’s searching for the Queen’s allies within the walls of Pasif’kah, as she breaches Duncan the Seer’s temple in hopes of gathering intel that would aid her search, not before one meets their end. We also find Zakaiah and her entourage camped out north of the kingdom, in hopes of finding some refuge and planning their next moves now that Zakaiah’s protector, General Junayo, has been killed, as Balthazar concocts a plan to evade the Soulthieves. We are also taken back to the capital, where a clandestine meeting of what remains of the royal court looks for an audience with the Queen of Qards, who negotiates a price for her help, one that the regents are initially reluctant to give up. By the issue’s end, an ally rises from the dead, the entourage finally reaches their destination, and a gang of Soulthieves is headed their way.

This third issue puts into context just how complex this world and these characters are. The story by Don Ellis Aguillo is passionate and entertaining. The art by Aguillo is glorious. Altogether, an issue that unfolds as every great story does, slowly building up the tension.

Story: Don Ellis Aguillo Art: Don Ellis Aguillo
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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