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Review: The Immortal Nadia Green #2.3

The Immortal Nadia Greene #2.3

If you ever have been in a fight, adrenaline takes over at some point and aggression soon follows. Some of us can control it and know when to stop. Then there are others who can only stop when they see blood. I’ve seen the latter more than a few times, and it’s never pretty.

The experience for most of the people who cannot stop is an out of body event in which they only have involuntary responses. The reactions most of them have after such an episode is one of instant remorse and disbelief as they had no control. This is always an interesting event to watch unravel. In the 2.3 issue of The Immortal Nadia Greene, we find Nadia in a fight or flight situation which goes too far.

We find Nadia, as her blood red fight response mode gets turned on, fighting everyone that stands in front of her, as Morrigan Sisters looks to take advantage of the situation. As Nadia goes full on ad beats the life out of  Macha, an act that none  can stop, not even the Reapers, fail to stop the squabble. Later on,  Nadia is being nursed back to health by Alexa, where she breaks the news that she accidentally killed Macha,  . By chapter’s end, Nadia learns from Hermes that Hel took the fall for what Nadia did.

Overall, an exciting fourth issue that raises the stakes for our protagonist. The story by Jamal Campbell is excellent. The art by Campbell is stunning. Altogether, an installment which will give readers a bit of context and wish Campbell continued the series past this issue

Story: Jamal Campbell Art: Jamal Campbell
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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