Heavy Metal Taps Chris Columbus’ Son Brendan with

Heavy Metal

Brendan Columbus, the son of director Chris Columbus, is making his comics debut courtesy of Heavy Metal. Along with artist Al Barrionuevo, Savage Circus is a story of a small mining town in Ohio descended upon by the most dangerous animals in the world after a train overturns and sets them loose.

The comic will debut in Heavy Metal #300 which is out this summer and continues through issues #309. It will then be collected into a graphic novel that will be out for San Diego Comic-Con 2021.

The debut marks a shift for the publisher Heavy Metal as they will increase the frequency of their magazine to a monthly release schedule from its current six times a year.

The change is part of an even bigger picture as it’s a “proof of concept” with the ultimate goal of turning Savage Circus into a film.

Columbus is the second name from Hollywood to join the Heavy Metal family recently. Actor and writer Dan Fogler will now be releasing his series through the publisher.

(via SyFy)