Juan Giménez Has Passed Due to COVID-19


Argentinian artist Juan Giménez has passed away due to COVID-19 complications. He was 76.

Giménez’s work is iconic and he is best known for the art of Metabarons. He studied art in Barcelona, Spain, eventually moving to Spain. His work was mainly in French, Italian, and Spanish comics with his breakout being Leo Roa. He eventually teamed with Alejandro Jorodowsky for The Metabarons in the 90s which is currently being released in English through Humanoids. He also worked in illustration, storyboards, and concept art for video games and movies. He was the art director for a segment of the Heavy Metal animated film.

His art style is very European with a breathtaking blend of science fiction and fantasy. His detailed work catapulted him to international acclaim and recognition.