AWA Studios Launches their Digital Program Early Due to COVID-19. Read The Resistance #1 Here.

With the spread of COVID-19, businesses are scrambling and changing their plans to meet a new landscape. Newly launched comic publisher AWA Studios is adjusting their digital program in hopes to keep interest for themselves and stores and make sure “readers will still have access to new and exciting comics over the coming months.”

The publisher is fast-tracking an upcoming initiative that was to launch next month. AWA has released The Resistance #1 digitally in an innovative vertical scrolling format (similar to WEBTOON or Tapas), for free on their website and across the web.

Given the timeliness of the story and the limited access to get the physical copy at retail due to COVID-19, J. Michael Straczynski and Mike Deodato Jr.’s The Resistance #1 is the first of their stories to premiere in this new format, beginning with Part One this week. Other AWA comics are in the process of being released in a similar way.

AWA is encouraging retailers to embed the digital reader versions to build interest in the series and for consumers to buy them when things return to “normal.” This also will help fight piracy (AWA estimates The Resistance #1 has over 10,000 views so far) by delivering a better reading experience.

The Resistance #1 is available on the sites below or read it right here: