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Review: The Immortal Nadia Greene #2-1

The Immortal Nadia Greene #2

Knowing that you are living on borrowed time is a prescient situation for most of us. Throughout my life, there have been some close calls. Growing up in New York City, depending on where you live, your life may have an expiration date. Definitely, when I was in the military, I have been on some missions where I felt that power of attorney I signed was for a good reason.

In recent news, the death of Kobe Bryant has caused many people in my age group to question our own mortality. His death has shown all of us just how swift and arbitrary death is. Truly no one is promised one more second than is allotted each of us. In the 2.1 issue of The Immortal Nadia Greene, we find Nadia at the age of 22 still proving to be elusive to the Reapers

We find Hermes trying to talk down the other reapers including Odin, as he sees disaster looming by challenging Nadia. We also find Nadia and her friends sharing a lunch, actually enjoying life as young adults but in Purgatory, until they are interrupted by Reapers. As a fight between one of the mightiest reaper, Anubis and Nadia break out, one which Anubis uses to test Nadia’s skills. By chapter’s end, Morrigan intervenes and asks for Nadia’s help, for a bigger crisis.

Overall, an exciting second issue that continues our adventures with these wonderful characters. The story by Jamal Campbell is elating and well developed. The art by Campbell is stunning. Altogether, an installment which builds on the stellar debut issue.

Story: Jamal Campbell Art: Jamal Campbell
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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