Review: Rise #2

Rise #2

Black Panther, even before the movie, was a sort of icon for kids of color. The very concept of a Prince who has superhuman abilities, is extremely smart, and an Avenger, made him quite formidable. I remember reading the early issues and not quite connecting. It was mostly because it was originally not written from a black perspective.

The point which drew me back in was when Reginald Hudlin took over the series. His remixing of the narrative starting with Flags Of Our Fathers, made him someone whom Captain America did not have the upper hand on. One of the most memorable panels from Hudlin’s run is the battle to become the Black Panther. In the second issue of Rise, Zakaiah is in the midst of an ambush, which also serves as one of the tests the young Princess must pass.

We meet Frix, a master inventor, who has come under the employ of Balthazar, to tip the scales in their favor, as the road is seen to be treacherous. As we are dropped right back in the middle of the ambush, where Zakaiah is separated from the royal entourage and a battle between Junayd, the lead Soul Thief and General Adofo takes place. As Junayd gets the better of Adofo, Balthazar casts a spell to gain an advantage over the Soulthieves. By issue’s end, our heroes beat the Soulthieves momentarily while losing one of their own in the process.

This issue is a heart-wrenching issue which shows that nothing is gained without sacrifice. The story by Don Ellis Aguillo is intense and well characterized. The art by Aguillo is magnificent. Altogether, an issue that only antes up on the action and gives readers a nice backstory

Story: Don Ellis Aguillo Art: Don Ellis Aguillo
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy