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Review: The Immortal Nadia Greene #1

The Immortal Nadia Greene

Every day you live your life. You fight to live another day. Each moment is precious and every moment is fleeting. This fight becomes even more insurmountable when the world acts as if you don’t exist. As if your life doesn’t matter and concepts such as color blindness become more pervasive in fear of having these difficult conversations.

When it comes to those protected classes which have suffered indignities, the world rather shies away from these atrocities.  This has never been clearer when it came to victim shaming in the #MeToo Movement. How would one battle, that very thing that looks to extinguish their light, and ultimately, their existence? In the debut issue of The Immortal Nadia Greene, we meet a hero who fights Death… quite literally.

We meet Nadia as she suffers in silence in a coma while her parents watch on in agony. Meanwhile, she experiences an out of body occurrence where she enters Limbo and meets Hel, a Reaper, and her guide to the underworld. Fast forward to fifteen-year-old Nadia, still in Limbo and a well-worn warrior who fights Reapers, much to their dismay. Nadia is not the only human in Limbo, as we meet her housemates, Jay and Hayley. By chapter’s end, Nadia faces a tribunal looking to remove her from Limbo, as she has broken the last straw with Hel.

Overall, an engaging debut issue that offers a complex world with diverse and immaculately crafted characters. The story by Jamal Campbell is exhilarating and smart. The art by Campbell is gorgeous. Altogether, a story that is unique and challenges genre norms in the most exciting ways.

Story: Jamal Campbell Art: Jamal Campbell
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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