Review: Rise #1

Rise #1

As an avid reader, one of my favorite genres is high fantasy. When I came upon The Witcher novels, I was more than intrigued as it blended myths from several cultures. It also reminded me of Vampire Hunter D, the late 1980s anime where which followed a half-vampire, half-human vampire hunter. When I heard they were making it a TV show I was more than intrigued.

The show revolves a mutant monster hunter whose destiny lied with a child he had left with a sovereign for safety. As the show slowly reveals, there’s more to their connection than one would deduce. In the debut issue of Rise, we meet a young regent whose life is about to change as she becomes her kingdom’s new ruler.

We’re taken to the kingdom of Pasif’kah in far-flung future, in the 50th century, where its throne sits vacant, its guard, severely undermanned, their mages inexperienced, and a kingdom, directionless for the very least, an observation the historian has made. As we find out the Ternion, a trio of royal advisors who were charged with keeping the kingdom intact in case of foreign invasion usurping the royal family. We also meet the royal family, the king, and queen, Voltaire and Ember, and their daughter, Zakaiah, whose favor with their subjects, only grew their popularity, which only stoked the envy the Ternion had against the royal family. This lead to to the king and queen’s sudden and mysterious disappearance, one that many suspected the Ternion for.  As what remains of the royal council convenes on the future of the kingdom, as Balthazar, the chief Royal advisor, presses that princess Zakiah, to prove her worth to occupy the throne will undergo the trials of her house, the House of Jasser, as declared by royal decree. We also find out about the Soulthieves, a demonic horde, thought to live off the souls of humans while living endlessly, who attack nearby kingdoms, feasting on innocent masses, with the threat of them attacking Pasif’kah seeming very imminent. By the issue’s end, Zakaiah’s entourage is attacked by a den of Soulthieves , one of the Ternion hires an assassin and someone is lost at the moment.

Rise #1 is one of the best high fantasy comics I have read in a minute. The story by Don Aguillo is dense and well developed. The art by Aguillo is breathtaking. Altogether, a story that levels up the genre and adds another hero to root for.

Story: Don Ellis Aguillo Art: Don Ellis Aguillo
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy