Review: October Faction “Alice” S1E8

October Faction

At the end of the last episode, Grandma Margaret discovers that Grandpa Samuel is alive and kicking in a Presidio Guantanamo and Viv and Geoff have turned to the dark side and are in league with Alice. This episode gives us more info on Alice’s back story and how she became what she became and what the Allen family legacy and Presidio have to do with her pain.

WHAT WORKED: The progression of the story and the inter-cutting of Alice’s past and evolution with the twins confronting their parents is done with precision, realism, and grace. I loved the way it was written with such authenticity and compassion.

WHAT BROKE MY HEART: When Alice was betrayed because she trusted humans and wanted to help one who couldn’t be trusted started the break but, when she gave birth while she was linked psychically to her husband as he was being murdered, tore it in half.

BEST LINE(s): Not a line so much as  Alice’s whole monologue that ran along with this episode. It was powerful and well written.

BEST MOMENT: The speech that Alice’s husband gives about fear and knowing that monsters are real because he has lived his life as a black man and a warlock. It was powerful potent and rang true.

EPISODE’S MVP: Alice,  Maxim Roy ‘s portrayal of the innocent, happy to start a family warlock who grows to hate and distrust humans as she watches them slaughter her entire town while she tries to save some all while going through labor is heartbreaking. And, watching her call out to her husband and hear his death telepathically while she’s trying to give birth and knowing what happened after that was brilliant and beautiful and if she doesn’t get an award of some kind for making me feel real emotions, tears and all, for an imaginary character, I don’t know what’s wrong with the world.

Overall: 9.8