Review: Aztec Empire #2

Aztec Empire #2

As a fan of historical dramas, one of my favorite shows, though short-lived, was The Borgias. It lasted for three seasons on Showtime and was more than ambitious. The show blended family drama and history in a beautiful way that would give way to later dramas like Game Of Thrones. The historical research done on the show was phenomenal and at times disturbingly true.

The show would get into the behind the scenes drama between the Pope and the enemies he had within the Vatican but also talked about how much the present state of the Vatican owes him. His forward-thinking strengthened the Church’s financial wealth by creating a bank and installing its own security force. What grabbed me about the show is the military genius his sons showed throughout. They were the shadows turning the tables in his favor. In the second issue of Aztec Empire, we find our heroes in the midst of a battle with strange Spanish invaders who are out for blood and revenge.

We find the Aztec warriors battling the Spanish invaders who have reached their shores, as Captain Cortes uses military tactics to gain an advantage in this battle. This is where he unleashes cannons, which has the native combatants off balance and looking to even the odds. As Cortes army has taken the Aztec city, he claims it for King Charles, and for Spain, leaving the Mayan commander defeated in his retreat, knowing the capital has never fell until now. By issue’s end, the Maya commander regroups, adds three more regiments to his battle force and looking to outmaneuver Cortes, as his forces are in disarray.

Overall, an excellent second episode that shows how progress can sometimes outwit the best of us. The story by Paul Guinan is engaging and well developed. The art by David Hahn is beautiful. Altogether, a story that only gets better, showing a complex story where colonization is more than what the history books reveal.

Story: Paul Guinan Art: David Hahn
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy