Review: Vigilance #3

Vigilance #3

One of the best things to come of the Krypton television show’s short run is an expansion on some key canon characters. We got a different look at Zodd and saw just how connected his family is to Superman’s. Then there’s the evil genius of Brainiac and how he ruled over the power structure on Krypton. The one character that gave Superman fits and appears on the show, Doomsday, is a bit more realized here.

It’s true that the character had more of an arc on Smallville. It’s one which in the end, became quite a quandary rather than a cool entry into the show’s canon. At least in Krypton we find out exactly what Superman had to fear. In the third issue of Vigilance, our hero finds out what type of toll, physically and mentally, a defeat can impose on most.

We find Vigilance in Columbus, Ohio, where she’s fighting a new villain who goes the name Void. It’s a challenge and villain which actually overpowers our hero. As Void informs her of their connection, her stigma to the title of Destroyer is exposed as if there was something that Justice was holding back in his training. We rapidly find out Queen Ma’la had used her guilt and memories against to gain an unfair advantage in beating her. By the issue’s end, Vigilance tells her psychologist of the mental dismay this battle caused her, a fight she was never ready for.

Overall, probably the best issue in the series so far. It offers readers a deeper dive into what makes a superhero tick. The story by Alverne Bell is well characterized and evenly paced. The art by the creative team is engaging. Altogether, a story that seeks to push the definition of the superhero genre.

Story: Alverne Bell
Art: Eder Messias, Matt Keltner, Veronica Smith,
and Danny Cooper
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy