Review: Poe Noir

Poe Noir

The first time I read the “Tell Tale Heart”, I had never come across a writer who had captured “guilt” as precise as Edgar Allen Poe had. His deft hand at seizing the human condition in all its scars and frailties, is what made him so relatable more than a hundred years later. As his prose is both eerie and magnetic, often luring his readers deep into his many rabbit holes. Only to be creeped out and fascinated all at the same time, which would make readers like myself want to do it again.

What many don’t realize when hey read his work, is that you he may been one of the earliest purveyors of true crime before it became its own cottage industry. As he never shied away from what makes men evil and what often drew many to darkness in the first place. To say that he was not an influence on the crime noir genre, would be wrong, as it is his willingness to go to those places is what made him so memorable a writer. In the first issue of Poe Noir, we find through a series of stories entitled “Systemic” how his sensibilities would operate in this world.

In “Pendulum Swing”, we meet Ms. Duvall, a movie star whose current political actions off screen, has gotten the attention of some politicians who look to make an example of her. As the Senate hearings she is called for, has the Senators and the media calling her a socialist, but what she really is hiding, is considered taboo for that time and place in Hollywood. In “Nothing You Hear, Half You Can’t See”, we are taken to an asylum, where one warden is losing his grip in reality, as the mere pressure of the many moving parts becomes too much for him. By issue’s end, the warden does lose control, eventually becoming one of the criminally insane.

Overall, an articulate intermingling of modernizing Poe’s greatest works in a genre that it is fit for. The stories as written by Zajac is instinctive, intellectual, and fascinating. The art by Sisk is captivating and awe inspiring. Altogether, a series that should be on everyone’s radar as a fan of each will definitely become a dan of the other, thanks to Zajac’s and Sisk’s skilled treatment.

Story: Tim Zajac Art: Graham Sisk
Story: 9.6 Art: 9.7 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy