It: Chapter 2 Repeats in First for the Weekend

It: Chapter 2

It: Chapter 2 took the top spot at the box office for the second weekend in a row. The film earned an estimated $40.7 million dipping 55% from the previous weekend. The film has earned $153.8 million so far domestically. It also added $47 million internationally to bring that total to $169.5 million and $323.3 million worldwide.

Hustlers debuted in second giving Jennifer Lopez her largest live-action debut. The film earned a solid $33.2 million the highest in STXfilms’ history. The film’s audience was 67% female and 69% were aged 25 or older. The audience was 36% Caucasian, 26% African American, 27% Hispanic, and 9% Asian. The opening day audience gave it a “B-” CinemaScore. Internationally it opened in 15 markest with $4.5 million.

Angel Has Fallen fell to third place earning an estimated $4.4 million. Domestically, the film has now earned $60.4 million which outpaces its predecessor.

Good Boys took fourth place earning an estimated $4.3 million to bring its domestic total to $73.3 million. It also added $1.8 million internationally.

Rounding out the top five was The Lion King which earned $3.6 million. The movie has earned $534 million domestically. That’s the ninght weekend in a row the film has been in the top five and now the 12th largest domestic release. Internationally, the film added $6.9 million for a worldwide earning of $1.617 billion.

When it comes to comic films…

Spider-Man: Far From Home earned an estimated $665,000. The movie’s domestic total now stands at $389.2 million.

We’ll be back in an hour for a deeper dive into this year’s comic film adaptations.