It: Chapter Two Floats to First at the Box Office

It: Chapter Two

It: Chapter Two took the top spot at the box office with a $91 million domestic debut. That trails the first film’s $123 million opening in 2017 but was within the studio expectations. It’s also the second-largest horror film opening behind the original It.

The likely reason for the film’s lagging box office is that it failed to attract women. Women tend to be the majority audience for horror films but It: Chapter Two only saw 47% of the audience being female compared to the first’s 51%. The audience was also a bit older with 67% being aged 25 or older compared to 65% for the first film. The movie did get a “B+” CinemaScore, the same as the first film. Other ratings weren’t so kind as the sequel lags behind the first in user ratings.

Internationally, the film opened in 75 markets. It earned an estimated $94 million leading to a worldwide debut of $185 million.

Angel Has Fallen earned an estimated $6 million to come in second place. After three weeks, the film has earned just shy of $53.5 million.

In third place was Good Boys which added an estimated $5.4 million to its total to bring its domestic total to $66.8 million. It also added $2.3 million from 28 international markets to bring that total to $15.6 million and a worldwide total of $82.4 million.

The Lion King was in fourth place after eight weeks at the box office. The film earned an estimated $4.2 million. It also added $13.4 million internationally. The film has earned $529.1 million domestically, $1.070 billion internationally, and $1.599 billion worldwide.

Rounding out the top five was Overcomer which brought in an estimated $3.8 million to bring the $5 million dollar film’s domestic total to $24.7 million.

In comic films…

Spider-Man: Far From Home dipped after last week’s bump coming in at #13 for the weekend. The film added $1.2 million to its total to bring that to $388.1 million.

Avengers: Endgame held on and came in at #42 with an estimated $12,000 to bring its domestic total to $858.4 million after 20 weeks.

We’ll be back in an hour for a deeper look at 2019’s comic film releases.