Disney and Charter Team Up to Stop Streaming Account Sharing


While everyone fawns over the Disney+ announcements at D23 the likelihood it’ll cost you a bit more than you think is being missed. Disney and Charter Communications are working together in an attempt to stop multiple people from using a single account to access streaming video services. There’s a chance you won’t be able to share your Disney+ account with your friends. There goes splitting the bill.

Charter is the second-biggest cable company and their new distribution deal allows customers to purchase Hulu, ESPN+, or Disney+ directly from Disney or through Charter’s Spectrum television service.

If you purchase through Charter, there’s a twist.

As part of the deal, the two companies will work together to prevent you from sharing your login with friends if you purchase through Charter. The two used the word “piracy” in the announcement. Don’t be surprised if this is expanded to purchases directly through Disney as it’s clearly on their mind.

This deal also allowed Charter to continue to carry Disney television channels like ABC, Disney, ESPN, FX, National Geographic, and more. As expected, Disney is flexing its muscle post-purchase of 20th Century Fox. Expect this to come to a cable provider near you as other deals are renewed.

Welcome to media consolidation and monopolies. Hope you enjoy your X-Men and Fantastic Four because it’ll cost you.