Review: Blackjack #2

Blackjack #2

The world is filled with people not on the winning side of history. Howard Zinn’s books are filled with many of these histories of the unjust thriving and the beleaguered masses suffering. What happens when those downtrodden fight back and get that “sweet revenge”? In the second issue of Blackjack, our hero begins his trail of retribution but not without cost.

We find Arron as he stares death in the eyes with a Bengali Tiger looking to end his life, but he narrowly escapes, as his learned skills, has given him a few tricks and a few old friends come to help. As he ruminates on his next moves, he reminisces on his time in Cairo as a child and what brought his family there in the first place. While he and Maryam recuperate, he’s approached by a local entrepreneur about a warlord who is hurting his business and would like Arron’s helps in neutralizing this threat.

Overall, an exciting continuation of this mercenary’s tale. The story by Alex Simmons is well told and well characterized. The art by Joe Bennett is stunning. Altogether, a series that gets better with each issue.

Story: Alex Simmons Art: Joe Bennett
Story: 10 Art: 9.8 Overall: 9.9 Recommendation: Buy