Review: Vigilance #1

Vigilance #1

When the news broke that Marvel Studios was going to make Captain Marvel, it was a progressive foot forward. One that will take years before anyone can really understand the impact. It’s true that Wonder Woman, had come out the year before and was directed by a female director. That movie was great but did not erase the years of the character being maligned by the very company that birthed her.

Captain Marvel was different in this aspect, as the character had been rebooted and brought up to date by the great Kelly Sue DeConnick. She painted a different hero than anything else in the Marvel Universe. She’s one that constantly topples tropes and subverts gender stereotypes. As great as this is, most of us wanted to see Monica Rambeau, something we may still get. In the very first issue of Vigilance, we get a superhero like Carol Danvers but looks like Monica Rambeau, and in some ways a fiercer titan.

We find Vigilance hurt, as the Extra Human Division has found her, and just her luck, Justice shows up to her rescue. As she recovers, Justice approaches her about being part of the organization using her powers for the greater good, as his honesty was enough for her to follow. As she learned how to be a hero, at first reluctant, as the challenges were too easy for her, but soon she felt a sense of purpose, as the dangers she prevented and the life she saved, became a welcome feeling. She soon finds out that her fame comes with detractors, both human and extra-human.  By issue’s end, a skirmish with a new villain leads her to meet with a greater threat.

Overall, a debut issue that struggles to be interesting. The story by Micah Cox is layered and introspective. The art by the creative team is standard. Altogether, a story that I hope will get better as the story unfolds.

Story: Micah Cox
Art: Valdeci Nogueira, Veronica Smith, Danny Cooper,
and Michael Watson
Story: 6.0 Art: 5.0 Overall: 5.7 Recommendation: Read

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  • Thank you for the honest feedback, if we could we would love to get you issue 2 and 3 to see if we hit the mark for you.