Review: White Widow #2

White Widow #2

There is nothing like a great cliffhanger. They’re what keeps you coming back for more. Increasingly, no matter which medium you are talking about, this has become a regular feature of storytelling. Creators want their audience to be intrigued in the immediate story but also invested in the bigger plot. As each chapter unfolds, we find out more about the world we are presently in and the characters whom for the most part, we fall in love with.

I’m old enough to remember the series Dallas and how the whole world waited anxiously to see if JR Ewing was alive when the season came back. Its become commonplace now for television shows and even movies to end with cliffhangers. This only becomes an annoyance when the payoff is not there or will never be fulfilled due to a cancellation.

In the second issue of White Widow, we find Gabrielle on the precipice of finding out exactly what her father had been hiding all these years from her and why it cost him, his life.

As Gabrielle opens the file her father left for her, she soon finds out a truth about herself and why she didn’t find out until now that she had powers, as her parents kept it from her, is because she had a rare malady, Krabbe Disease. As her parents were in the midst of stealing technology which would have helped her condition, a failed mission which would drive Gabrielle. Meanwhile, Director Sloan finds out how her agents got decimated by the White Widow, an unfortunate result which prompts her to unleash an agency hitwoman, Pulse. Also, with the help of her friend, Regina, Gabrielle finds out how to operate her new suit, a rather modifiable piece of equipment. The issue wraps with a showdown between the White Widow and Pulse.

Overall, an exciting second installment in a series which aims to be more than your typical superhero story. The story by Benny Powell and Jamie Tyndall, is dripping with grit, intelligence, and suspense. The art by Tyndall and Iwan Nazif is gorgeous. Altogether, a great issue which proves this creative team is on top of their game.

Story: Benny Powell Art: Iwan Nazif and Jamie Tyndall
Story:10 Art:9.6 Overall:9.5 Recommendation: Buy