Review: She Said Destroy #1

She Said Destroy #1 variant

Growing up with a West Indian father, I was exposed to many things most children my age were not. It’s something I have passed on to my children, the imparting knowledge of self. The history surrounding people of color tends to be minimized and rarely is expanded by the due it deserves. I remember that in the sixth grade, when my history class got to the American Civil War, the subject of slavery was botched. This made my father realize that he had to teach me about my history because most schools including mine would not.

This is when I found out that not all African nations were colonized. This is the very reason Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia is so revered by the Rastafari. The nation holds the distinction of “never colonized.” History thought this would cause unrest with allies and make the country a constant target for colonization which Italy attempted to do.

In the debut issue of She Said Destroy,we find one colony in this fantastical world which told their colonizers, “not today.”

We are taken to solar system where the Goddess Of The Sun, Brigid, has made all the inhabitants worship her alone except for one colony. This colony are followers of the Goddess Of Death Morrigan, Brigid’s sister and the only other God left. She has seen all their siblings, also gods, die at Brigid’s hands and gradually be forgotten by their believers. Of course, Brigid will not let sleeping dogs lie. She takes the fight to Morrigan, by deploying her light knights, only to be surprised by the witches of Fey, who protects Morrigan and everyone in her world. Setting up conflict and action in an intrigueing world.

Overall, an excellent debut that dives into a world where fantastical beings are abound and a sibling rivalry looks to be even more fatal than any of their followers could have anticipated. The story by Joe Corallo is action packed, dense and intelligent. The art by the creative team is stunning and glowing. Altogether, a story that feels like Star Wars,reads like The Wicked + Divine, and is a beautiful beast all its own.

Story: Joe Corallo
Art: Liana Kangas, Rebecca Nalty and Melanie Ujimori
Story:10 Art:9.3 Overall:9.6 Recommendation: Buy