Review: Dial H for Hero #1

Dial H for Hero #1

For as long as legends have existed we have always aspired to be one. This is why we strive to do better than those who came before us. We all in some form or fashion want our names to live forever. That’s how we get epics like The Odyssey. In the modern age of superheroes, in some ways, we still yearn for this.

This is why the comic Shazam! was such a fan favorite when I was growing up. The main character is just a kid who gets powers by saying one word. Who would not want that even just for a few minutes? In the next book from the Wonder Comics line at DC, we get Dial H For Hero, a teenager finds out how it is be a hero for an hour

We meet Miguel, a young man whose life changed the one day he was saved by Superman. It’s an event that would make him a daredevil, often tempting fate, but unfortunately, he feels like his life otherwise is at a dead end living in Devil’s Canyon, California.  Everything changes as he attempts one stunt, and things don’t go as planned as one thing leads to another leading him to fall off a canyon. This is when miraculously a mysterious red rotary phone appears out of nowhere. Someone on the other end of the line says his name and instructs him do dial “H.” By issue’s end he becomes a new superhero, one with superpowers even he could imagine and more than enough chaos in his wake.

Overall, a fun comic book which will pull in readers as it remembers why we love superhero comics in the first place. The story by Sam Humphries is hilarious, keen, and very relevant. The at by Joe Quinones is realistic and magnificent. Altogether, an outstanding debut issue that brings loads of fun to comic books.

Story: Sam Humphries Art: Joe Quinones
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy