Review: Defiling the Literati: A Collection of Magazine Work

Defiling the Literati

There’s something infinitely jest about reading a one panel comic strip and it making an impact on your day. As it only takes a few words some days that will either make you smile, cringe, or think. There’s a reason comics is considered the “Fifth Art” in France and it is truly an artform.

Cartoonists can either make or break their career with their effectiveness in telling a viewpoint or story. Some of the best cartoonists have thrived with the ability to say much with nothing more than a few panels and caricatures.  In Alex Schumacher’s Defiling The Literati, the prolific cartoonist collects some of his best work and redefines a genre.

In “Downtown Weed,” he espouses about the dangers and hilarity of buying drugs from unknown dealers. In “The Big D,” he imagines that a one Donald Drumpf infiltrates the Justice League, only to be laughed off. In “My White Privilege Doesn’t Exist,” he shows how white nationalism didn’t start with the present administration. In his “Mr.Butterchip” series we get a character much like Bojack Horseman but with a snider sense of humor that cuts like a knife. In “Waiting for The Day,” Schumacher gives a sobering look at the horrors of what happened at the Pulse Orlando incident. In “Someday Never Comes,” gives readers some of the truths of what the #MeToo movement has been about. In the last story I will highlight,” Day Of Atonement,” an unlikely encounter with a homeless woman seems to be more than meets the eye.

Overall, it’s an invigorating collection of comics that provoke thought and ruminate on your own life. The stories by Schumacher are enjoyable. The art by Schumacher is awe inspiring. Altogether, Alex Schumacher is a burgeoning artist that every comic fan should know more about.

Story: Alex Schumacher Art: Alex Schumacher
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy