Review: Gates of Midnight #1

Gates of Midnight #1

Looking at all of the genre television show now available, it’s almost impossible to think of a time when they used to be sparse. In the past, those types of shows usually were relegated to late night timeslots or Saturday afternoons.  Over the past few years , the entire philosophy around the genre changed, leading to a wholesale push on most major networks to introduce more programs  based on books, games, and comics. Material with built in audiences and fanbase. The announcement of a Showtime show based on the Halo franchise is not much of an eye raise anymore compared to ten years ago.

The reinvigoration of genre shows  has given the world some pretty great stories, one of them being the show Grimm. It delved into many grimoires and bestiaries from all over the world, and gave monster hunters new life. In the first volume of Gates Of Midnight, we get to meet someone very much like Nick Burkhardt but loads more interesting.

We meet Alice Raven Moon, a veteran who used to be a combat medic in Afghanistan, as she returns home to new York to find someone has killed her father. As she starts looking into her father’s murder, even more enigmas unravel before her eyes leading to finding out more about him than she could ever imagine, including a furtive being. As she gains an allie in Alex, she realizes she must become a Warrior Of The Gate, a secret order which protects the mortal world from monsters, as one bad decision leads her to finding out some less than unsavory truths about the guild.

Overall, a well-developed story which gives this genre some very complicated characters including its layered protagonist. The story by D Lynn Smith is harrowing, action packed, and engaging. The art by the creative team is breathtaking and vivid. Altogether, an excellent tale which grabs the reader from the beginning and never let’s go.

Story: D Lynn Smith
Art: Amelia Woo, Mirana Reveier and Nikki Foxrobot
Story: 10 Art: 9.8 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Buy