Review: The Jade Necklace: Graphic Novel Adaptation of an Original Historical Adventure (Adventures in Empire)

The Jade Necklace

I remember the first time I read 1001 Arabian Nights, I was all of ten years old. The book gripped with its fleets of fancy, its need to push the limits of storytelling, and the sprinkling of fantastical elements throughout. These stories are most famous for the tale of Aladdin. With the impending live action movie version of the aforementioned, most may not know that it was not the best story from the collection.

The book had a twofold effect on what people thought of that region. Many wondered just how many other legends had not been unearthed from that part of the world. It also inadvertently injected some stereotype into the world’s psyche. Some very damaging for years to come. In the third volume of Tom Durwood’s series, Jade Necklace, a high-flying story finds its wings in Oscar Gregeborn’s illustrations.

We meet a young thief, whose lust for a better life, leads him to steal a jade necklace from a powerful lord, one when a young woman distracts him in the midst of his crime. As a gang of guards attempt to have their way with her, our intrepid protagonist kills them with ease, freeing the young lady. As they study each other, they understood then, that they were kindred spirits, as their tribes had been enslaved by the Mayas and both seek liberty from present bondage.

Overall, quite a page turner that seems like a basic burglar story but becomes something more elaborate as it moves forward. The story by Durwood is smart and action packed. The art by Gregeborn is beautiful and vivid. Altogether, an excellent story that proves that sometimes the best stories are the ones where the least is said.

Story : Tom Durwood Art: Oscar Gregeborn
Story: 10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy