Review: Jose Rizal Chapter 3

Jose Rizal Chapter 3

Despite Mel Gibson’s notoriety these days, it was not that long ago he was known for his acting talent and being a good director. I remember the first movie I saw him in, a movie I did not quite get at first, Mad Max. He was a brooding lone warrior who fought injustice where he saw it and said practically no words in that first film. As his star rose, so did the gauntlet of characters he would occupy.

Some of his movies were hit or miss, none I would care to mention. Then there are excellent ones like the Lethal Weapon series, and We Were Soldiers. One of my all-time favorite movies of his is Braveheart, where the people who he led did not truly see until the end how much of a man he was before his time. In the final chapter of Jose Rizal, we find our protagonist on the precipice of becoming a world icon.

We find Rizal as his second book, “El Filibusterimo” has just been published, and where he formed “la Liga Filipina”, and was immediately exiled Dapitan in Mindinao for outspokenness. This is where he met Emilio Jacinto, who was considered the braintrust of the Kapitunan, the revolutionaries lead by Andres Bonifacio, who Rizal knew from La Liga Filipina. As Jacinto tried to recruit Rizal to join their army, as he refuses, but is charged with conspiracy anyway despite not having any part of the Kapitunan. When he got back to Manila after being imprisoned, he stood a military trial, and was given a death sentence. As spent his last day and hours, with family and his wife, he still wished for the Filipino nationalism to still catch on like a wild fire. Soon after, Paciano, Jose’s older brother went to meet General Emilio Aguinaldo, who Rizal left a poem, as this would go on to inspire the Filipino peoples until very province was set free. By story’s end, as history has shown, the Philippines would not be freed until Ferdinand Marcos fled the country, as we see through the eyes of one of his students, now a grandmother, the Filipino people as one.

Overall, a heartbreaking end to this epic story, which shows those willing to give up their life freely are a rare breed. The story by Takahiro Matsui is engaging and well told. The art by Ryo Konno is beautiful. Altogether, a story which will inspire and teach the reader that arc of change bends slowly but faith will get you there.

Story: Takahiro Matsui Art: Ryo Konno
Story: 10 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.7 Recommendation: Buy