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Review: Trinidad #1: Cold Call

Trinidad #1: Cold Call

One of the best movies of 2018, was Sorry To Bother You. The movie shined a light on big business, code switching, and the everyday struggle, but also on the much-maligned occupation of cold caller.  It highlighted just how bad these men and women are treated. I can honestly say I have hung up on a few cold callers who would mess up my name.

The movie touched on many controversial subjects while blending many science fiction tropes and cultural epitaphs. It made this otherwise forgettable job relatable. We always forget that they’re people too, doing a job to pay their bills. In Trinidad#1: Cold Call, we sit through a day as one cold caller is looking to make it until her shift is over.

We meet Trinidad, on her first day at her new job and gets acclimated to its extremely busy atmosphere. As she sees that many of her coworkers either read from a script or try to relate with their customers. As she looks at her call list, the only thing on her mind, is to not ruin her first call. By issue’s end, her proclivities get the best of her to amusing results.

Overall, it’s an interesting story that shows both the demand of a job dealing with so many customers and the relatability of those who do it. The story by Trinidad Escobar is hilarious and refreshing. The art by Escobar is vivid and sophisticated. Altogether, an excellent comic book which will leave readers in stitches.

Story: Trinidad Escobar Art: Trinidad Escobar
Story: 10 Art: 9.4 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Buy