Review: Katrina Hates the Dead


Like most kids growing up, I dreaded reading books off our summer reading list. There were some gems, like The Outsiders and Animal Farm, both books I got in to almost right away. Then there are books which took me some time to fall for like The Invisible Man. I’ve re-read that book after gaining some perspective and it’s one of my favorite books of all time now. Another book, that took me some time to become enamored with was Paradise Lost.

It’s an epic a story as about the bitter battle for the control of humankind’s destiny. It takes place across heaven, hell, and Earth with many players. The story has had its share of imitators over the years, but very few has taken a unique approach to it. One of the retellings that feel original is Russell Nohelty’s Katrina Hates The Dead.

In this world, a rift to Hell has opened, which allowed demons to come through and inhabit earth, with some of those creatures even domesticating the suburbs. A couple of years have passed, and one monster hunter, Katrina, whose friends, Connie nearly dies and Dennis who dies because of the contagen, as she must get to hell to have them both, with Cerebrus’s babies hot on their trail. Soon they must drive across the desert to while uprooting a war amongst the demons in the process.  Once they arrive in Hell, they must find Satan to end the Apocalypse, with some assistance from a few friends.

Overall, the comic is a thrilling retelling of Milton’s classic work with a few twists and some really big swords. The story by Nohelty is layered, entertaining and action packed. The art by Juan Frigeri, Fernando Melek, Tom Bacon and Bernie Le is breathtaking and vivid. Altogether, it’s a new school Thelma and Louise story but with demons and world saving.

Story: Russell Nohelty
Art: Juan Frigeri, Fernando Melek, Tom Bacon,
and Bernie Lee
Story: 10 Art: 9.7 Overall: 9.7 Recommendation: Buy