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Review: The Hawk of New York #1

The Hawk of New York #1

King Arthur is one of those stories that evokes a time and place so long ago but yet so close. The story of King Arthur, shows the reader that anyone can be anything. Your path is not necessarily predetermined, no matter your circumstances. Arthur never knew he was royalty but that didn’t change who he was or the quality of his character.

One of my favorite retellings of the legend was a show called Camelot. It lasted one season and featured a few changes when it came to all the familiar characters. What I took away from the story is that only you can write your own story. In the first issue of The Hawk Of New York, we meet a protagonist who doesn’t quite understand who he is yet but outside forces look to change that.

We meet Eric Warden, a half-blooded Native American who grew up in an orphanage in upstate New York. As he struggles with living conditions, he also has an innate sense of he is but with no guidance, is left to wonder what it all means.  As strange occurrences happen throughout the school where he goes to, he starts to wonder if anything that occurs is because of him. By issue’s end, strange forces start to gather and Eric has no idea what is coming his way.

Overall, it’s an interesting introduction to this world and these characters. The story by Randyl Bishop is evenly paced and action packed. The art by Bishop shows some intricate pencil work throughout. Altogether, a good debut which will pull readers into this series that is more than meets the eye.

Story: Randyl Bishop Art: Randyl Bishop
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy