Review: Djinn Vol. 13: Kim Nelson

Djinn Vol. 13: Kim Nelson

When a story ends, we rarely ask ourselves why the protagonist started their journey in the first place. Yes, we get caught up in the action, or the series of interactions, which pushes the story forward. Do we ever ask, why did they agree to it? One of those characters is Peter Quill, the de facto leader of the Guardians Of The Galaxy.

I am particularly referring to the movie origin that fans have come to know. The character was taken by space pirates right when his mother is on her death bed. Anytime after his abduction he could have rebelled against Yondu, found ways to escape. But he persevered and adapted and became Star Lord.

In the final volume of Djinn, we find out the circumstances that lead Kim Nelson from India to Africa and back again, back to the cursed child princess of Eschinapur, to fulfill a vow made by the elusive Djinn, Jade. Kim truly comes into her own, assuming her power as a temptress in the name of justice and vengeance… vengeance always cruel, but always sweet…

The volume is full of villainy with double crosses, hidden treasure, death and destiny. Overall, it’s an engaging final volume that more than lives up to the expectations from everything building to this pint. The creative team has put together a grand finale. The story by Jean Dufaux is action packed, emotional, and ultimately, satisfying. The art by Ana Miralles is graceful and luminous. Altogether, it’s a story no reader will ever forget and will want to re-read from the beginning.

Story: Jean Dufaux Art: Ana Miralles
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy