Review: O Human Star Vol. 1

O Human Star Vol. 1

One of my favorite shows of recent memory is The Boondocks. The comic strip written and drawn by the talented Aaron McGruder was a bright light for many children of color who did not think any creator knew who they were. The comic strip spoke to generations of black kids who were raised to have “knowledge of self” who have seen themselves in comics and comic strips throughout the years but not with all the complexities of the characters who were not melanized. The show tackled subjects head on that were often considered too taboo to be spoken of outside the community.

One of those episodes revolved around a previously cryogenically frozen Martin Luther King Jr. waking up after decades of sleep to a world he had some parts to do with. The episode spoke to the realization of seeing what one plants borne fruit. The episode was powerful and poignant, in ways that most of the audience will take years to understand. In Blue Delliquanti’s brilliant O Human Star we find one such character seeing how years of work has become something more than he ever dreamed of.

We meet Alastair Sterling, a man who suddenly dies, only to wake up 16 years later, to a world ran by his inventions. His old assistant, Brendan, has taken his inventions and created an empire, one that would start a robot revolution. His grief led him to create a carbon copy of his friend with one very important difference, a female version of Alastair named Sulla. As Alastair starts to understand about what transported him back to life he also gets acclimated to this new-fangled world, one which is run by robots.

Overall, the graphic novel grips readers right from the start and makes you fall in love with the characters and this world. The story by Delliquanti is heartfelt, well developed, and engaging. The art by Dellquanti is elegant and alluring. Overall, it’s a story that shows that love truly transcends time .

Story: Blue Delliquanti Art: Blue Delliquanti
Story: 10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy