Review: Campaigners #2

Campaigners #2

When one possesses a dissenting opinion, the world tends to keep shy eye to them. As with anything else that isn’t popular, the “silent majority” don’t want to go against the grain. That’s disconcerting, with what’s going on in America’s politics. The actions that were once considered appalling are now treated solely as missteps. We live in a world now where people who believe in mass genocide and xenophobia are considered a normal part of society.

That’s why when we hear voices like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speak up against everything that normally is wrong, it gives everyone pause. It reminds of them of the standard that they should be reaching for. It’s never easy to do the right thing, especially when it seems like you’re all alone. In the second issue of Campaigners, Kydra finally feels how it is to be ostracized because of your opinion.

We find Kydra panicking at her sudden viral fame as she starts to read all the comments made at what she said,as the death threats start rolling in. Eventually, she gets caught up in all the attention and makes the mistake of actually responding to her internet trolls. Also, her father loses his job while trying to understand Kydra’s motivation for doing and saying what she does. By issue’s end, Bee convinces Kydra to go to a protest and the President’s henchmen take extreme measures to control the newsfeed

Overall, it’s an excellent issue which says more about how we respond to social media than what it really represents. The story by Brendan Hykes is funny and smart. The art by MJ Barros and Sean Rinehart is elegant and vivid. Altogether, it’s a stellar installment which examines what it means to be in the public eye.

Story: Brendan Hykes Art: MJ Barros and Sean Rinehart
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy