Review: Campaigners #1

Campaigners #1

Media is everywhere these days making privacy to be an actual difficult thing to find. Everything people say and do can be transmitted to someone across the world without you knowing. This is what makes privacy and intimacy such interchangeable words in the current state of mass media and how technology pushes that envelope. This nowhere more evident than in how and where people keep up on current events heading to social platforms for the latest news.

Long gone are the days when people turn to television and newspapers as their primary source. It hasn’t become anachronistic as of yet but it is closer to being relics with each day. Even smartphones have dozens of apps which feed people all over the globe with what they consider relevant news.  As transparent the world is, less people possess freedom of thought as everything we do becomes increasingly calculated and manipulated. In the debut issue of Campaigners, we deep dive into how one person deals when one mistake becomes known worldwide.

We meet Kyrda Franks, a precarious high schooler who is trying to help her friend not break the dress code. Of course, this brings ridicule from the high school jocks, as some things never change, but also brings notice from the school administration. As Kyrda and her friend, Bee leave school, they are approached by the local news anchor, looking to make a story of what happened, as Kyrda inadvertently lets her political leanings,which catches the attention of the President and the general public. By issue’s end, Bee gets unfairly besieged because of what Kyrda says leaving those who know her to become unintended targets.

Overall, the comic is an interesting premise which more than sparks in this debut issue. The story by Brendan Hykes is funny, relevant, and tense. The art by MJ Barros and Sean Rinehart is elegant and vivid. Altogether, it’s an excellent story that speaks to who we have become and how we must fight about intolerance everywhere.

Story: Brendan Hykes Art: MJ Barros and Sean Rinehart
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy