Review: Loa Chapter 1

Throughout fiction, when it comes to demigods, there is no one more celebrated than Hercules. I remember watching the television show when it was on television, starring Kevin Sorbo. Throughout the show, he was saving humans from the wrath of gods and goddesses. The show for most watchers, including myself, gave us a dearth of knowledge about ancient Greek mythology.

As I became enamored with reading about mythology not only from that part of the world, but from where my parents were from, my exposure lead me to ask the obvious question. Why aren’t there any fictional books about Filipino and Black mythology? It wasn’t until recently writers noticed these gaps and sought to fill them with rich mythology from all parts of the world. In the genius Loa : Chapter 1, the creators sought to remix the mythology close to them and in doing so have created an exciting new story.

We meet Oz, a bouncer who wakes up from what seemingly is a fantastic dream, as we are introduced to his seemingly ordinary life, whom he shares with his girlfriend, Penny.  Everything changes one night, when a something ungodly destroys the club where he works at, and he is introduced to a world, he never knew before, the world of Loa. As Oz defeats the monster, he finds out that there is more to him than a mortal man, as his strength and speed are godsend. By chapter’s end, his girlfriend and friend see him through new eyes, while a stranger seems to hold all the answers.

Overall, it’s an excellent debut that introduces a brand-new hero and a world that most mortals have never seen. The story by Alika Ebomah and Andrew Harrell is action packed, dense, and smartly written. The art by Mikhail Sebastian and Hackronym is gorgeous and uses manga style art in the best way possible. Altogether, it’s an excellent comic that puts readers right in the middle of the action.

Story: Alika Ebomah and Andrew Harrell
Art: Mikhail Sebastian
and Hackronym
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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