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How Did the Comics Industry Donate this Election Cycle?

Tomorrow is midterms election day in the United States with the House, some of the Senate, Governors, State races, and more up for election. We of course encourage everyone to get out and vote. If you still need help deciding who to vote for, you can use this handy site to help you out.

With an election cycle, it also means lots of money donated to both sides and PACs who either go all in for a part or hedge their bets. So, when it comes to donations, how does the comic industry shake out?

Using the FEC website, we took a look searching for about a dozen publishers. What isn’t included is some creators who haven’t listed a publisher or those that list Disney or Warner Bros. We standardized the employer (ex. Marvel Studio vs Marvel Studios, Marvel TV vs Marvel Television) and then marked if the donation was to a Democratic cause or Republican. For PACs, I used Open Secrets to see who that PAC donated to, and if it was clear it benefited one party, they were included in that party. In almost every case, PACS were partisan. The exception to that is the Walt Disney Employees PAC which splits their givings about 50/50 and seems to change with the political winds. Marvel Entertainment was included while Marvel Studios, Marvel Animation, and Marvel Television were not.

So, how does the industry donate?

The comic industry donated over $74,546.40

The industry also heavily favors donations to Democrats in a ratio of a little over 2:1.

That comes from 1,762 contributions from 136 individuals.

That comes to an average donation of $42.31 but there’s a massive difference between parties.


  • Wait.

    Am I interpreting this data right? There were over 1700 contributions to democrats averaging $29, while 5 republican donors averaged $4000 per donation?

    Can we de-datafy this for a second? What were these 5 donations and who made them? Can we get a list of who donated to republicans?

    There’s a huge difference in the character of a $29 dollar donation versus a $4000 donation. It seems really shady that there was such a difference between parties.

    • That’s correct. And it’s not too surprising. Marvel’s CEO Ike Perlmutter is a massive Republican donor and made a sizable donation to a Republican PAC. That’s the majority of it and what it boils down to. Nothing really shady about it at all, just a billionaire donating money to Republican interests.

      • Ha yeah I guess its not surprising. Just so blatant. I thought I was reading the graph wrong. Thanks for the info.

        Another reason to not read marvel.