Review: Blake and Mortimer Vol. 4 The Francis Blake Affair

Throughout the past, in about every country, there are always traitors whose actions can tip the scales of history. Of course, sometimes these betrayals have no bearing but it shows just how fragile trust is. Benedict Arnold’s actions led to him being written as a failure and the ultimate example of what happens to anyone who betrays their country. But, what happens to the people who are framed for a crime like treason that they didn’t commit?

As there is worse feeling in the world than when you tell the truth and you still are not believed. This is when you feel like you are at your lowest. What happens when you are the only person who can clear your name? This is the dilemma that is faced in the fourth volume of Blake and Mortimer, where one of our heroes is framed with leaking information.

We are taken to London, where a recently arrested spy reveals to the world that he is part of a vast network looking to take down England. As MI-5 starts their investigation, it leads to a man who looks exactly like Francis Blake. This leads Mortimer into action, hoping to prove that his friend is innocent, he must find Blake before British Intelligence does, as it may cost Blake his life.

Overall, it’s an excellent installment that gives fans of the series a true mystery with a dash of espionage. The story by Jean Van Hamme is action packed, dense and riveting, The art by Ted Benoit is beautiful. Altogether, this is the one story which would be the perfect jumping on point for any new readers.

Story: Jean Van Hamme Art: Ted Benoit
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy