Breaking: Image Comics Will Stop Selling DRM-free Titles Starting November 5

Image Comics has sent an email alert stating they will stop selling DRM-free titles through their website beginning November 5th. DRM-free versions of their books will no longer be available for purchase and all sales of DRM-free versions through will be discontinued.

The company announced in 2013 at Image Expo that they would be offering DRM-free digital comics through their website.

What this means for folks who have already purchased?

  • From November 5th, 2018 through February 3rd, 2019 customers can still access their previous purchases. Image recommends that customers download and save their purchases at their earliest convenience before February 3rd, 2019.
  • Future titles will be available for purchase through other digital vendor partners, and DRM-free versions through other services that offer it, like comiXology.
  • You will still be able to purchase physical copies of Image books and subscribe to series through Image Direct as well as your local comic book store. Image Direct will NOT be affected by this change.