Review Misery City

The films of John Woo are truly a treat to the eyes and senses. The first time I even heard of him was in an interview with Quentin Tarantino where he discussed his all-time favorite movies and some iconic Asian directors. Eventually, American moviegoers would eventually learn of his unique vision through films like Face Off. Since then, he has made some more American movies but international movie fans will know him more for his earlier and more iconic work.

One of those movies is Hard Boiled, which stars Chow Yun Fat in his prime. It’s about a cop who loses his partner and seeks revenge against the mobsters who killed him. The movie was new school and cleverly mixed crime noir into this brilliant movie.

In the smart and intense Misery City we meet a detective like Tequila in Hard Boiled, but instead of looking for revenge he’s searching for salvation.

We meet Max Murray, a hardnosed private detective who we find out is doomed for all of eternity to this place which serves as assort of purgatory, known as Misery City. Here he is plagued by demons at every turn, including an old adversary that stands between him and the woman he loves. Eventually he finds himself trapped in a coffin, seemingly hopeless and without the ability to talk. Max must face off against challenges beyond his understanding   and what would ultimately against the many shades of who he is. By book’s end, his redemption is his acceptance of his fate and he realizes it even more after one last fight.

Overall, an engaging graphic novel that blends, allegory, myth, and crime procedural into a rather effective story. The story by K.I. Zachopoulos is action packed and intelligent. The art by Vassilis Gogtzilas is enthralling and vivid. Altogether, an entertaining graphic novel that proves how interesting self-discovery is especially once you admit you are lost.

Story: K.I. Zachopoulos Art: Vassilis Gogtzilas
Story: 9.0 Art:: 9.0 Overall:: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy