TV Review: Daredevil S3E6 The Devil You Know

Driven to the edge, Dex loses his way until he’s offered a lifeline by Fisk. Matt comes to Karen for help, which she agrees to give — on one condition.

The last episode of Daredevil was the highlight of the season so far and this one falls right into the suspension of disbelief you have to make the enjoy it. There’s so many things that have to come perfectly together for this season to work and that feels like it’s epitomized in this episode. The investigation into Dex doesn’t go well which of course is all planned out by Fisk which makes absolutely no sense at all. Fisk has said he’s looking to create a new villain for the city so they forget about him and this is his plan to do that. It’s convoluted especially when you have all these other villains in the Marvel universe out there. Someone else is going to distract the city from Fisk? The alien attacks, other attacks in New York haven’t done that?

There’s also Fisk setting up his room at the hotel with no one stopping him? Where’s the money coming from? How haven’t all of his assets been frozen or seized?

Then there’s Foggy and Matt playing their hand with the witness who can show how full of it the Kingpin is. The FBI gets their offer and… rejects it outright? Wait, so the FBI trusts a criminal but not two lawyers? Not even to talk? This has to be some of the dumbest FBI agents in existence. It’s a level of incompetence where you wonder how crime gets solved.

But it’s all a set up, as the season seems to do regularly, for the big action pay off of Daredevil vs. Daredevil. It’s obvious Dex is on the red suit, so other than him going a little crazy, what’s his motivation? Why does he say “sure, I’ll go murder a bunch of people.” The switch isn’t so much a good transition as it’s rather quick and bit clumsy. Again, suspending disbelief.

What’s good is the the fight. The strengths of each are enhanced with Bulldevil using long range attacks and Daredevil attempting to get close for his. It also plays off of Bulldevil’s ability to ricochet items making it more difficult to hide for Daredevil. That leads to some exciting moments and the best action of the season and one of the better sequences of any Marvel Netflix series. There’s also a nice addition of his picking up random items to use as weapons. Scissors, paperclips, baseballs, if you can throw it and it’s in an office, he uses it. It’s small details that add to the action and adds to some of the entertainment of the episode.

The fight is the highlight for what is otherwise a rather frustrating episode. The FBI are bumbling and incompetent in a way that only helps the plot. Basically, this is one to come for the fight scene and that’s about it.

Overall Rating: 7.0