TV Review: Daredevil S3E3 No Good Deed

As Fisk moves into swanky new digs amid a public outcry, Matt wrestles with how far he’s ready to go to right this wrong. Dex’s aim comes into focus.

Fisk has been attacked by a rival gang and is whisked away by the FBI getting him to a safe house where he’ll be protected. All Fisk cares about is Vanessa who’s on the run from the FBI. It makes for an interesting dynamic to see him actually being caring but also a little odd as his knowing where she is could get him in more trouble. It’s an odd play for a man who usually has things under control and manipulated.

But, word gets out that Fisk is free setting off protests and haunting those who’ve been hurt by him, Karen, Foggy, and Matt. Matt is literally haunted by him which is both silly and interesting. It adds some depth to Matt in a way but also feels like it spells things out a bit too much as to where he is and what he’s worried about. That seems to be an ongoing issue this season as things are “told” instead of “showed” a bit too much.

But, the episode also dials that back in a way too in Matt’s hunting of Fisk. That’s the tension of the episode. Will he get to Fisk? Will he harm FBI agents to do so? Will he embrace being Daredevil? That seems to be the point of the episode as more things get in order. How far will he go?

While that’s interesting, it then spoils the tension towards the end by again telling and not showing, continuing the frustration of the season. The direction is decent and concepts are solid, it’s just going over the top laying things out and not letting the audience come to conclusions themselves hampers the experience.

There’s also an issue with plotting things out rather predictably so far this season. It feels very paint by numbers so far leaving very little to be surprising. It’s not bad, it’s just also not good or interesting. The concepts so far are good, as presented they’re not. It’s just a frustrating season so far.

Overall Rating: 7.0