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TV Review: Daredevil S3E13 A New Napkin

Matt prepares to cross the line, as Dex becomes more dangerous than ever and Fisk enacts his endgame.

A three way dance is the best way to describe this finale as it brings together the three major players, Kingpin, Faux-Devil (Dex) and Daredevil in a final battle that has them all out for each other.

It’s interesting to watch as Bullseye, I mean Faux-Devil can use anything and everything as a weapon. So, to see what he picks up in the environment to use is part of the entertainment. Then there’s the physical power of Kingpin versus the skill of Daredevil. Each has their own special abilities and where they stand out as fighters.

But it really comes down to Matt and how far he’s willing to go. Wilson knows his identity. He will hunt Karen and Foggy. So does Matt have to kill him? Is there a way to solve the issue at hand and put Wilson away while also protecting his friends?

What’s interesting in the episode is that it’s Wilson Fisk almost getting everything he ever wanted. Vanessa. Respect. There’s a tragedy about it all because if he had just turned states evidence and turn in his rivals with no strings, he’d have been in a better position than he winds up. This is a man who thought he was invincible and in many ways he was, especially with how much he controlled. The fact he’s not given what he demands at the end is so important as well. His control is completely broken and we now know it.

There’s also some impressively symbolic moments within the episode. The painting, which means so much to Kingpin, is ruined with his blood. A symbolic moment showing off the taint and destruction of everything he cared about. It’s a little obvious but the fact it’s presented in the back of the scene and not called out is a subtle bit that plays quite well.

This finale is a solid one, one of the best of any Marvel Netflix series. The villain isn’t killed. There’s an excellent fight. Almost all of the plotlines are wrapped up nicely. The episode also addresses the major theme set out at the beginning, can Matt and Daredevil co-exist? It also calls back to the earlier seasons and in a way that’s nostalgic. And there’s even a bit something for comic fans.

Was it a great season, no. But, the latter half is some of the strongest of Marvel’s Netflix shows. A fine ending and one that has me hoping for a fourth season.

Overall Rating: 8.5