TV Review: Daredevil S3E12 One Last Shot

Fisk’s long-awaited reunion doesn’t go as planned. Nelson & Murdock take on a new client who holds key information on Kingpin.

The penultimated episode of the season is a fairly solid one delivering some things that are expected and some things that aren’t so much.

There’s a nice aspect to it as it brings Matt, Foggy, and Karen back into their lawyer element. They attempt to fight things through the legal system, something Matt has been rejecting for the season. It’s also nice to see the three of them together and not completely crap over the legal system.

I’ve had some issues with the season as it has portrayed the FBI as incompetent and/or corrupt with little good coming out of it. There’s also the NYPD who has been generally unhelpful as well.

To see the series pivot back to the side of the law is a welcome change from a season that has had Matt swing to far into the vigilante end of things and too much being corrupted. Every FBI agent is? There’s no good ones? There’s no one higher to go to? It’s a little frustrating in that the insulated world makes it all seem a bit silly at the vastness of the conspiracy.

The episode also finally makes the Foggy for DA election plot line useful. It’s a plot device which finally becomes useful and not just something for Foggy to do.

The end too has twists and turns that are more courtroom legal drama than superhero vigilante and it’s some of the best stuff of the season. None of it’s surprising and the end result is expected but still, it’s nice to see a season which has swung so much one way get back to the courtroom in a way.

It’s a good episode filled more with courtroom drama but some solid action sequences as well. A scene between Matt and Nadeem in particular is excellent and a great idea, something we haven’t seen before.

One more episode to go but this sets up what should be a solid finale.

Overall Rating: 7.75