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Review: Train 8: The Zombie Express #1

One of the best movies I have ever seen, because of its transcendence of concept and genre, was Snowpiercer. At first glance, the movie seemed to be one of those abstract films within the science fiction genre, that one would have to see a few times to understand the meaning. The most obvious and most used example is Inception which uses the well-researched science behind sleep and dreams to create an evocative celluloid classic. One my favorite movies, although many do not consider it a science fiction movie, is Adjustment Bureau which blends the genre with romance movies.

As affecting as these movies are, they are also very relevant in the message they deliver of the world today. This is the very reason science fiction is often considered protest fiction. In comics, we have seen over the last few years, this be even more prominent than any other medium. In Train 8: The Zombie Express, the reader gets embroiled in one such tale where an experiment goes wrong.

We are taken to the Genesis Research Unit in Seattle, Washington, where some scientists are trying to play with God where an experimental serum has caused violent outbreaks on its subjects. On the famous 8 train, which passengers from Seattle to Chicago, a few unknowing passengers, unexpectedly gets their day turned upside down, as one man got infected with the contagion created at Genesis. Rapidly, the virus starts affecting each passenger and turn them into primordial beings who feast on other humans. By issue’s end, the last remaining survivors suddenly realize that they are alone, and no help will be coming.

Overall, the issue is a pulse pounding debut issue that sets up what is soon to be a major motion picture and looks to be across between Resident Evil and The Mist. The story is explosive, fast paced, and highly entertaining. The art is gorgeous considering the subject matter. Altogether, it’s an excellent introduction to a world where playing with the course of evolution has dire consequences.

Story: Marysol Levant, Bryant Phillipson, and David Stephan
Art: Alex Cormack, Ashley Cormack

Story: 9.6 Art: 9.4 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

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