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Review: Buffalo Speedway

Buffalo Speedway coverIn the biosphere of popular culture, the current range of visual artists capturing the attention of fans is pretty diverse. As the current climate has shown, geeks and everything geek related presently occupies most people’s “Reddit feeds.” It was not always like this, as there was a time before the internet when such things would looked at with ridicule. There was not one thing, movie, television show, book that changed it, it was the amalgamation of these things and the influencers behind them.

One of those influencers is Kevin Smith, whose films would portray those people who were enduring their quarterlifer crisis in a variety of ways. His debut film, Clerks, is still one of those movies that connected with people from that age group regardless of race and circumstance. It offered a raw uncut look into what it meant to be at a place in your life where you did not see yourself. In Yehudi Mercado’s Buffalo Speedway, we meet a group of characters much like those in Smith’s iconic film.

We meet Figgs, a pizza boy, who has worked for the same pizzeria, Turbo Pizza, for the last eight years, and though it seems he doesn’t have any ambition. In this world, pizza boys can become pizza men, where simple delivery drivers can become legends. This seemingly typical tale of underpaid daily workers is more like Mortal Combat meets Gone In 60 Seconds, as each driver has their own set of skills which makes extraordinary. Turbo Pizza and Pizzaurus are in constant battle to be the top pizzeria in town. Eventually Figgs and the rest of his cohorts get involved in Top Driver Race to boost the store’s sales where whoever delivers the most pizza gets the prize, a percentage of the bets.

Buffalo Speedway is a fun comic that’s both adventurous and epic. It feels like a movie lover’s dream. The story by Mercado is funny, engaging, and action packed. The art by Mercado is so detailed and vivid that it feels as though it could jump of the page. Altogether, it’s a rollercoaster of a comic that easily hooks readers with its easily likable characters, intertwining plots, and gorgeous art.

Story: Yehudi Mercado Art: Yehudi Mercado
Story: 10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Buy