Review: Djinn Volume 9 The Gorilla King

People often speak about what is done for the greater good, as what guides one ‘s moral ultimately leads people to do these things for “the greater good”. This epitaph is usually espoused by politicians and military leaders to inspire their constituents and their troops. As leaders on both sides of a conflict usually lead by fear or by inspiration.  The ones who motivate their people, often tell themselves if they dictate something inspiring, their people should follow naturally.

As with all leaders, most often people will only follow those without question, those leaders who show they can stand by their people, even in the battlefield. One of the most memorable leaders in fiction that can be remembered by most pop culture fans, is Daenerys Targaryen of Game Of Thrones lore. As her character has inspired her people and everyone who comes in contract with her, falls in love with her unconsciously. In the ninth volume of Djinn, and the last book in the Africa saga, Jade fulfill her destiny and unite the tribes.

In a rare moment for fans of the book, Kim finally sees a vision of Jade as she walks alone in the savannah, something that be attributed to their connection as both being Djinn and their familial bonds. We find Jade in negotiations with the military, as they try to implore her to end the revolt, but she remains un-wavered. She soon moves her people in search of the Gorilla King, an arduous journey in which her purpose becomes emboldened, as she accepts his hand in marriage and becomes the Queen of Africa and immortal in the same breath. By book’s end, because of the Black Pearl, betrayals around Kim spring abound, but those loyal to her ensure her survival and triumph.

Overall, a satisfying end to a powerful story which shows that Jean Dufaux and Ana Miralles have created something enduring. The story by Dufaux is smart, engaging, and exciting. The art by Miralles is elegant and luminous. Altogether, a great story that only gets better with this volume.

Story: Jean Dufaux Art: Ana Miralles
Story: 10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy