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Review: Ninja-K #11

NINJA-K_011_COVER-A_KANOThe Coalition may have been defeated…but the mission’s not over yet! Now, Ninjak must use all the super-spy skills at his disposal to save Gilad from the clutches of his friend’s erstwhile nemesis, the Dying One. But stopping an immortal genius – especially one armed with the full might of the Eternal Warrior – is a fight that not even MI6’s best and brightest secret agent can prepare for!

I’m a little conflicted on the art for this issue. Roberto De La Torre‘s art is both very detailed and yet full of oddly murky moments where it can be a little tough to decipher what’s occuring on the page – it’s possible this is due to the review copy water mark, or is a deliberate style choice to emphasize Ninjak’s ability to blend into his surroundings (because he’s a ninja) rather than a case of the art and colouring not working as well as it could. The reason I’m conflicted about the art is that I love the murky style as it feels like to 2000AD comics I read as a youngling back in England.

Speaking of murky, Ninja-K #11‘s story thrives in the shadowy world of spymasters, mercenaries and ethically questionable moments as the titular hero scrathes somebody’s back so they scratch his. The back and forth during this sequence between Ninjak and Neville is really well done; the verbal chess match feels every bit as tense and exciting as the action scenes to come (complete with their own questionable moment).  Stripping this book down, you get a great sense of who Ninjak is at his core as you see him make choice after choice that borders on the questionable – but makes for some really ineresting comics as each choice is within character and understandable from a story perspective.

And ultimately that is something to get excited about with your comics; something that makes you think about what the characters are doing, and whether you’re comfortable agreeing with their choices.

Story: Christos Gage Art: Roberto De La Torre
Colourist: Jose Villarrubia Letters: A Larger World Studio
Story: 8.9 Art: 8.8 Overall: 8.8 Recommendation: Buy

Valiant provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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