TV Review: Iron Fist S2E2 The City’s Not for Burning

Danny and Colleen strive to broker a badly needed peace. Ward crashes his sister’s auction, and Joy plays matchmaker – with a twist.

The second episode of the second season of Iron Fist is broken up into two main storylines with two smaller ones. The third plot involves the mysterious Mary who feels like she’s going all stalker on Danny and Jessica should worry. It’s obviously building somewhere and those who like spoilers will know what character from the Marvel universe Mary is.

The second smaller plot is the battle in the past between Danny and Davos for the right to try to become the Iron Fist. Interspersed in the episode we see the two battle it out and it’s our first look at Danny with the classic Iron Fist mask, and honestly, after seeing it, it’s a lot better it’s not being used. Here we get some of more of the reason as to why Davos has issues with Danny.

One of the two main stories involves Davos and Joy as they attempt to obtain a bowl Davos needs for something. There’s some machination going on, and we’ll see that down the road but this is the villain gathering the pieces of their super weapon, not much more than that.

But, the bigger plot, that intersects with Davos, is focused on Colleen and Danny attempting to stop a gang war from happening. There they attempt to negotiate with one of the players in hopes of stopping things and instead open up talks for negotiation.

Again, much like the first episode, the second is all about the set up. The first gave us the important characters and allowed us to play catch up in a way while the second is more focused on the plot and getting things into place. It’s a slow episode but much like the first, it’s improved on the previous season. It’s not a flashy or excited episode at all but there’s some decent acting and as part of a bigger picture, it’s a good episode.

There’s something to the episode as it balances the various plots and characters and gives each a decent amount of time to do their thing. A solid outing to really get the season going.

Overall Rating: 7.0