TV Review: Iron Fist S2E1 The Fury of Iron Fist

While rival gangs battle for the soul of New York, Danny and Colleen cross paths with an old acquaintance. Joy embarks on a new adventure.

After a lackluster first season, Iron Fist returns with a fresh ten episode season picking up from the events of The Defenders and Luke Cage.

Danny Rand is now living in Chinatown living a simpler life. He’s moved away from his billions and corporation and allowing others to focus on that aspect of him. Instead Rand has changed. He’s more focused on the goings on of the neighborhood which is seeing the rise of a gang war threatening what balance exists.

But, more than that, Iron Fist has changed too.

The episode opens with Danny stopping a robbery and we see his fighting style has shifted a bit being a bit more blunt and like a “street fight.” It’s a change from the previous season in both look and tone. There’s better choreography to the fight itself, more time has been given to smooth everything out.

Those around Danny have changed a bit too.

Colleen is now working in a community center helping individuals. It’s a shift from her work in the dojo where she trained individuals to hurt others. Instead, she’s helping and building something positive.

The episode isn’t completely void of the corporate aspect. Both Joy and Ward are in the picture with Joy attempting to cut all ties with her past and Ward attempting to make up for it. Davos too is back and somehow involved with Joy?

What really stands out though is the improvement. Finn Jones as Danny Rand/Iron Fist is much more relaxed and found his character. The martial arts he displays shows massive improvement in every sense. Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing gets some fantastic screen time on her own and with Danny. That includes a fantastic solo fight scene in the back of the kitchen showing off some creative fighting.

The episode as a whole is a set up and feels a bit of a restart in many ways. It lays out where the characters are in their lives and sets up the conflict to come in the competing philosophies and priorities of Davos and Danny. There’s also the tension between the mysterious new character Mary Walker played by Alice Eve. We don’t know much about her, just something’s off.

If there’s anything to describe this first episode, it’s improvement all around. The pacing, the storytelling, the acting, the martial arts, the action, it’s all improved from the previous season. The big question is if this’ll keep up and last.

Overall Rating: 7.5